Brown's Inc. Your Automotive Specialists!

Brown's Inc. Your Automotive Specialists!

We have provided a number of auto enhancements, replacements, and touch-ups for a number of major car dealers, body shops, and insurance companies while we still make time to provide excellent service for our everyday customers-like you! It is our mission to make every customer completely satisfied and at a price that's always competitive.

Leather Packages
  • Custom

  • Two-Tone

  • Perforated Inserts

  • Specialized Embroidery

  • Leather and Vinyl

  • Seat Repair

  • Seat Replacement

  • Seat Heaters

  • In-Builts

  • Sliders

  • Pop-Ups

  • Stock & Aftermarket Sunroofs

Mobile Dvd Packages
Browns Incorporated
  • Headrest or Headliner Mount

Interior Trim
  • Headliners

  • Door Panels

  • Carpet Replacement

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